Bipolar And Holiday Depression

wpid-wp-1413382025329.jpgThis is about bipolar and holiday depression. There are with bipolar disorder who face holiday depression. This is often because the holidays impact our mood. We sometimes think of our childhood, past and memories around this time of year. It is vital to know that you have the ability to make positive changes. Here are a few key steps to dealing with bipolar disorder and holiday depression.

The first step is to make sure you have seen your doctor. If you have a mental illness you need to work with a psychiatrist who is able to medically treat your issues. If you had a broken leg you wouldn’t just wish it got better. You would seek medical help. You must do the same with bipolar disorder.

The second tip is to not be alone. Many with bipolar disorder tend to isolate themselves. It is harder to handle life when you are alone. There are many support groups which offer free education and knowledge. You can look up The National Alliance on Mental Illness or The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

The third step is to educate yourself about these issues. We have many books which team amazing lessons about handling bipolar disorder. You will find the books we offer directly at:

You may also enjoy our daily articles on We also offer a telephone coaching program which you may learn about by calling our offices at (213) 304-9555 or email Thank you and we hope you take the positive steps to make positive changes.

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