Bipolar And Having The Mind Of A Billionaire

bipolarcoverDo you have bipolar and have the mind of a billionaire? Would you like to turn your ideas into billions? What does it take to truly be someone that has massive amounts of wealth? These questions have been looked at by many people. The world’s richest often live and think differently. It is no surprise that Warren Buffett often invests in a company when things look terrible. He seems to have confidence when others are panicking.

The ability to be a billionaire often means developing something. It may be a business, product, service, book, website or something that reaches the masses. There are many with bipolar that used to dream big. They fail a few times and then doubt their own abilities. Their mom or dad may tell them to take a job and stop trying to see success.

The problem is the bipolar person often knows they have more to offer. They struggle to accept that they cannot achieve their dreams. A piece of them goes away when they are forced to abandon their goals.

We provide a coaching program to help you rebuild your dreams. We want to motivate you to see the success you are capable of. We want to listen, support and believe in you. We’ll talk to you about creating a plan and figuring out your next steps.

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