Bipolar and Finding A Job Where They Will Understand My Illness

bipolarcoverWelcome to our page about bipolar and finding a job where they will understand your illness. It is difficult to find the right job when facing bipolar disorder. You may work but struggle to handle the pressures of your position. It helps to talk with your employer about what you are feeling and facing.

Many companies offer an employee assistance program. This allows you to obtain therapy while still staying on the job. You may also consider if you feel capable of working. There are programs including disability if you are not able to handle having a job.

We provide a coaching program to help those with bipolar disorder see success in their careers. There are many alternative options besides a traditional job. They include building your own business, working part time, and many of the gig economy jobs.

Our coaching provides someone to listen, support, guide and help you make positive choices. You can learn about our coaching program by emailing us at You may also text or call us at (213) 304-9555. We are happy to help you learn healthy steps to having the most rewarding career.