bipolarcoverAre you bipolar and are fighting with your oldest friend? Did your once close friend and you have a falling out? Did someone you trusted and cared about hurt you? Are you trying to figure out how to face the pain of being without that friend?

We know that friends sometimes have issues. They may no longer be on the same wavelength. They may choose to fight and it feels very sad. The hard part is you may have had so many memories with this friend. It is hard to accept that they will no longer be a part of your life.

Our work is to provide coaching. This support allows you to talk about what you are feeling. It also helps you have support during challenging times. We will always be there to pick you up and help you rebuild. You can count on us to stay steady when friends may have failed you. We also understand the complexities of living with bipolar disorder. There are some who will never understand what you feel and face.

You may learn about our coaching by calling or texting us at (213) 304-9555. We also welcome you to email us at