Bipolar and Feeling Worthless and Hopeless

wachaThis shares about having bipolar and feeling worthless and hopeless. There are days when we feel sad and don’t know what to do. It is possible to find some tips to handle these feelings.

It is important to know you are valuable. The world may have rejected you but that is not the end. There is so much else you can do to enjoy life again. We must learn to not let others decide how valuable we are. Each of us have an important part to play in our world.

The work of rebuilding your self esteem takes time. It helps to start thinking about the gifts and talents you have. This may be that you are kind, deep, willing to change or are creative.

We know that feeling hopeless may be hard. Our work is providing virtual coaching for anyone who wants to make positive changes. You may reach us by phone, text or email.

Our number is (213) 304-9555 or at We look forward to trying to help you improve your life.

The book above is titled Depression, Bipolar and Heroin. It can be bought at: Book About Bipolar