Bipolar And Feeling Unique And Special

bipolarcoverDo you have bipolar and feel unique and special? There are many with bipolar that have their self esteem shattered. It may be other kids picking on them, feeling alone or believing that they are doomed. It takes courage to develop the ability to feel both unique and special.

Many with a mental illness diagnosis don’t understand what to do. They may feel upset about their diagnosis. It is also possible that they are struggling to connect with people in the real world. There are countless examples of those with bipolar falling into depression or addiction. They want to escape the pain they are experiencing.

We hope to help those with bipolar. Our life coaching is meant to assist you in rebuilding your self confidence. It takes time and effort but you deserve to feel happier. Many with bipolar eventually lead full lives. There are countless examples of successful bipolar people. The history books are lined with tons of super high achieving individuals with mental illness.

Our work to coach uses technology to help. We work by phone, text and video chat. You can learn about our coaching program by texting, calling or emailing us. Our number in the United States is (213) 304-9555. The email is