Bipolar And Feeling Like I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole

Beating Bipolar UK editionHave you ever felt that you have bipolar and have fallen down the rabbit hole? This expression has left us thinking of how to help others. There are some with bipolar who feel that it is almost impossible to keep picking themselves up. They struggle with relationships, money issues, career struggles and feeling okay.

What ways can someone facing these emotions learn to be happier. The answer is it is different for everyone. There are some who are battling sadness and confusion. They are facing a heavy load of baggage from years of struggle. They have tried all types of solutions and some don’t work.

We don’t promise that life will be perfect. When you have bipolar, it is often a tough path. Our coaching program is meant as a support. We try to listen, help you find answers and to set life goals. We also check in with our clients and work to help them.

You can learn about our coaching by calling us at (213) 304-9555 or email We appreciate you taking the time to read this. We hope you break free from the rabbit hole and come back to a place of peace.