Bipolar and Developing A Long Term Approach To Business

Beating Bipolar UK editionMany with bipolar are working on developing a long term approach to business. This includes figuring out a strategy to succeed over many years. We have all heard the term flash in the pan. This story usually means that someone sees some quick success and then it goes away. When you have bipolar it is easy to feel up during the good times in business. What can you do to not be manic and to steadily build momentum?

The answer is it is hard to run a business. When you have bipolar and are doing it you may find it even tougher. Does pushing forward on a project mean mania or is it what it is needed to see success? What about competitors and you moving to slow while they pressure themselves to move at an intense pace?

We believe that help is the answer. You don’t have to do all the work by yourself all the time. It may be helpful to decide what you want. Is it to rush, stress and work at a frantic speed or go at a calm pace? If there is a frantic need can you employ others to work on these projects with you?

You may also benefit from our life coaching program. We work with many others to build their strengths and abilities. Our goal is to help you decide what is going to work best for your company. You may be in the beginning stages or even close to going public or seeing a buyout. Our coaching is meant to talk and help you figure out how to stay strong enough to win in your career.

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