Bipolar and Depression and Joel Osteen

Sirius XM Holdings Inc Joel OsteenThe article talks about depression, bipolar disorder and Joel Osteen. There are many who listen to Joel Osteen that live with bipolar disorder and depression. His message is to have faith and hope in every situation you encounter. The facts are that having a positive attitude is vital for dealing with depression and bipolar disorder.

Many times those with depression and bipolar face hard problems that seem scary. We may fight to stay out of the hospital, be able to work and overcome severe issues. The idea of maintaining a positive attitude is extremely helpful. The most common message within the work of Joel Osteen is to keep going, stay faithful and never give up.

We know that those with depression or bipolar are often trying hard to stay optimistic. Our work is creating and helping educating others who live with these issues. We were started by a noted bipolar survivor, social worker and educator.

Each day we offer uplifting, motivational and positive articles to help teach and inspire those facing depression and bipolar disorder. We also offer a library of amazing books that teach about these topics. We welcome you to come back each day to our home page where we teach great lessons to help those who face these situations.

We thank you for coming to read the article about bipolar disorder and depression and how Joel Osteen teaches the importance of staying optimistic and not giving up. Many with bipolar disorder grow stronger, healthier and have the potential to develop a higher level of hope.

2 thoughts on “Bipolar and Depression and Joel Osteen

  1. Dear Joel

    I am trying to reach one of my niece who is contemplating suicide – she has bipolar disorder issues. Your messages have always been uplifting – if just if you could write a one message that will reverse her suicidal tendencies, we will save her life from perishing – really need your help.


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