Bipolar and Breathwork To Remain Calm

wachaThis shares about bipolar and breathwork to remain calm. Many living with bipolar want tools to stay in the moment. They are choosing to not let stress and fears overwhelm their minds. One of the tools to help may include breathwork.

We suggest you take some time to learn about how you can change your thinking by calming down. This may include take a few minutes to sit somewhere peaceful. You may take slow and relaxing breaths. While you do this, it is possible to let go of your concerns.

One technique is to take a deep breath in through your nose. You hold it while telling yourself “I am letting go of my fear”. You then blow out the breath while you visualize the anxiety leaving you. It is helpful to do this about three times.

There are many holistic tools to help anyone living with bipolar. It can be helpful to learn ways to remain balanced. We believe breathwork is a terrific tool to help change your thoughts.

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