Bipolar and being lucky in life

bipolarcoverWelcome to our article about bipolar and being lucky in life. There are many who believe you make your own luck. This includes being persistent, calm, smart and willing to work hard. Do you feel that you make your own luck? Do you not give up or quit when times seem challenging?

When you have bipolar you may feel the need to keep trying. You may have faced problems with your treatment or even felt isolated. It is vital to not give up on building your life back up. Many with bipolar feel that they have been given the short end of the stick. It is up to us to keep rebuilding until things work out better for us.

There are many ways to improve your luck. This includes trying things you are able to develop a talent in. When you have a skill that is needed, it often helps you have more luck. You may also try to attract luck. This includes thinking optimistically, being around supportive people or just trying to be kind. Many believe that karma is something that comes back to us. When we have shared our lives, we often receive back a large amount of abundance.

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