Bipolar And Being Happier Alone

bipolarcoverThis article shares about bipolar and being happier alone. Why do some of us love tons of people and others prefer to be alone? Is there a healthy medium where you can be with a few, yet still keep your independence? We feel that being alone all the time may not be perfect. There are some simple ways to find out how to enjoy both being alone and interacting in your community.

You don’t have to go somewhere with 100 friends to be around people. Do you ever go to the store? This is a perfect place to practice being around some. You may not talk to the shoppers but the store clerk may be ideal. When you finish shopping you can speak to them at the checkout counter. It may mean say hi, asking how they are doing or just thanking them for the help.

This benefits both them and you. They are working and probably facing their own problems. When you are kind, it may help them feel happier on the job. You may also slowly learn to enjoy these encounters. It may eventually lead to find a few people you want in your life.

These days much of our lives are lived online. There are some terrific virtual ways to know new friends. You may meet them gaming, on apps, or some cool ways yet to be developed.

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