Bipolar After Winning The Lottery

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Do you have bipolar after winning the lottery? Is it scary, exciting, and confusing all at the same time? Are your friends, becoming your enemies because you won’t support them in all their endeavors? It may be that your moods are so excited, you can never sleep, eat or find balance.

We provide a virtual program to support lottery jackpot winners. Our goal, is to allow them to find calm, peace and clarity with their newfound riches. It may take time, but one day your happiness is possible.

Our coaching and education was created by a noted expert. He’s known for writing the books Beating Bipolar, Depression, Bipolar and Heroin, The Psychology of Adult Coloring, The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work and more. He’s done talks and shared his lessons around the world online.

We offer a unique virtual program designed around your social calendar. We’re willing to teach not just about bipolar, but handling wealth with long term knowledge. The goal is to never squander the jackpot you attracted.

Our office may be reached at (213) 304-9555 in the United States or at

We’re happy to help you achieve balance with your lottery success story.