Best Book Helping Chemically Addicted With Depression

DepressionBookThis is about the best book helping the chemically addicted with depression. When someone struggles with chemical addiction and depression it is a big problem.We all know chemical addiction is extremely challenging on its own. When you add depression on top of the addiction it is extremely stressful. If you face these problems please know you are not alone. There are many addicts who also suffer from depression. They usually use their addiction to try and block them from the sadness and pain they are feeling.

The book we share is titled Depression, Bipolar and Heroin. Its author is a noted educator and bipolar survivor. His only brother died at age 27 from depression and addiction. His story begins like many others. He was insecure and starting to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana to fit in. The progressed over many years to harder and more serious drugs. This include Molly, Special K, and Opiates. He would die at 27 from a heroin overdose. The author is dedicated to having this book reach others who face these problems. It is an easy to read book filled with inspiring case examples. It shares about others who have taken positive steps to recover from chemical addiction and depression.

We know that you are interested in learning about being chemically addicted and facing depression. This might be the best book which shares valuable lessons about these issues. If you are a parent, child, loved one, educator, social worker, coach, therapist, psychologist, nurse, physician assistant, psychiatrist or student this is a wonderful book. It was written to inspire and teach the many others who face these severe problems. We want this book to help save someone else’s life. The author feels not one other soul deserves to die from these problems. In his brother’s memory this book is shared with others.

You may purchase copies of the book directly below. We hope it reaches you at a time when you need it. May the positive messages, lessons and hope within its pages help those you care about. We all need as much knowledge as possible. You can purchase copies of the book directly at:


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