Text (213) 304-9555 For Coaching!

Text (213) 304-9555 Today For Coaching!

Text or Call (213) 304-9555!

The team at Bipolar, welcomes you to 2023. We’re proud to provide at home coaching via text and email. Our startup offers consulting for individuals, businesses, and families. We know, having someone who truly listens will make matters more manageable. In some cases, the bestselling author of Beating Bipolar and our CEO, will provide the services to you directly.

The next step is to text (213) 304-9555 or email us at Blake.levine@aol.com to schedule your first session. We welcome, you to email us about what you are facing to see if our coaching by text and email could help you.

Text (213) 304-9555 Today For Coaching!

Text or Call (213) 304-9555 or Email Blake.LeVine@aol.com


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