The Positive Worker Book Talk

The idea of writing The Positive Worker began with a lesson analyzing optimism. The title, was one chosen several years ago. I was unafraid, of the judgement society placed on positive. There are those HIV positive that face discrimination. I remember meeting many gay and lesbians in New York and being sad when the beginning of the AIDS pandemic took lives at a frightening rate. My first bestselling book, was done for the publishing house of Louise Hay. Louise gained fame for helping AIDS patients, creating Hay Rides in Los Angeles when AIDS became a pandemic and went on to sell over 50 million books with other top energy healers. Louise Hay based her business in Carlsbad, San Diego and I now live here with my wife and two young children. My startup is offering ways to survive with holistic knowledge as Louise Hay has passed away but left her knowledge in books, audios, card decks and connection. The strategies are vital as Covid attacks minds, bodies and society.

It is clear today, that Covid has made the word positive more common and accepted. The book I created, The Positive Worker has lessons that lead to a lighter experience during Omicron. I’ve been requesting support from conglomerates to create a database to support their workers. In the last few months, I’ve reached out to the CEO’s of Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and tons of others. I have so far spoken with the CEO’s of Walmart, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Intel and Build A Bear.

We have had meetings, but hope in 2022 for long term contracts for this startup. The only way startups survive is either with profits, venture investment allowing at first free services or corporate sponsors paying to help. I proudly offer you today a look at the educational talk based on The Positive Worker. It focuses on mindset during crises, overcoming loss, trying to work, cleanliness on the job, increasing effort in slowdowns and optimism. I did this presentation, right after my young brother died. I speak with hope, but also honesty of what it feels energetically when a loved one has suddenly died.

We are proud for companies to reach to our team directly. We are building a mobile database with daily lesson, education and crises tools for large businesses globally. We also, provide individual coaching from our consumer division. Our team may be contacted by calling Jennifer LeVine, PA-C at (213) 304-9555 or emailing

The team at Bipolar, wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2022!

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