Mother’s Day Month Miracles

The month of May allows us to remember the miracles of Mother’s Day. Our team, has created a free learning event. It allows you to hear a story of a miracle that our founder experienced embracing all types of cultures.

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We’re aware many barely can survive and some have money but lack the light and love they are looking for. The Covid epidemic has taken much away with only the beginning of real long term answers.

Our hope is to give you a few minutes of education with a story to connect with your soul. The survivors of Covid are brave, beautiful and in many ways brilliant. We’ve heard tons of stories of people finding innovative ways to handle health, business, money, love and trying to hang on.

We thank all the Mother’s from around the world reading and enjoying our education. Our team, takes a moment to reflect that we’ve had readers from over 300 countries, territories and areas around the globe. There is more need for new education and learning.

The free Mother’s Day Event is at:

We share a Mother’s Day Book Idea our CEO wrote with his mother:

If you cannot attend the free event, we present the video about connecting all cultures and miracles at:

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