2021 Virtual Support/24 Hours

Do you ever need answers to questions? Have you ever wanted to think through your ideas in a supportive and caring manner? Would you be excited to have a leading expert directly assist you?

We are launching 24 hour support with author Blake LeVine. He is creating at home tools to answer all types of problems. The next step is to email Blake.LeVine@aol.com, text or call (213) 304-9555. We ask you to reach out to Jen, his assistant to arrange a time to connect. The goal is to offer support 24 hours a day with your questions answered within usually a short time (sometimes up to 8 hours when he is sleeping). The cost will be discussed by Jen. We’re looking forward to helping you in 2021. It has been a long road during 2020, and virtual support with Blake may lead to positive progress on your path!

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