The Depression Diaries

woman in grey long sleeved shirt
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Do you have a deep desire to detail your depression? When your express your problems, the past begins to be resolved. There are many who lost loved ones, battled bipolar, and financially felt frustrated. The creator of this website, wanted to develop a tool for teams and individuals to study when adversity becomes the norm.

The book The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work follows a fascinating study. The work, shares about how a mom, wife and worker at Lehman Brothers faced the failure of the financial firm. She watched, her friends and staff lose every dollar in their retirements invested in the stock of Lehman Brothers.

We’re proud to present a free talk that has been gaining popularity on Eventbrite viewings this summer. It is created by the founder of this website. It is at: Free Talk

The book is able to be purchased exclusively at Amazon at: The Positive Worker Book






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