The Home Hero In You

photo of woman on swimming pool
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Dealing with depression or bipolar, is a long road filled with unique experiences. The 2020 virus changed how we work, travel, live and interpret life. We’ve decided, this is a time to discover the home hero residing in your mind.

The hero has the potential to learn, adapt and find a path forward. They are open to taking tools at home to feel happier, healthier and more connected. We share learning the steps below to develop this inner guide to brighten each day.

They include surrounding yourself with beautiful art, pictures, colors and sensory items to keep in your living space. We’ve seen reading uplifting content as a safe path to process any heavy burdens. The ability to think outside of your proverbial box is needed more than ever. When you analyze the light within, you remember how valuable you are to our world.

We’re sharing this wonderful video to keep you grooving in your free time at home. Our offices are taking tele-sessions by calling (213) 304-9555, texting or emailing us at

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