The Mentally Ill Working In 2020

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I’ve seen less opportunities for the mentally ill to enjoy employment they find fully uses their gifts. The group I attended, two years ago shared the struggle to find top paying work. They discussed very few jobs, problems with helping with Uber and Lyft and feeling financially discouraged.

My friend, discussed how in Florida many Uber and Lyft drivers were being sued and if they improperly used their personal car insurance, it could ruin them. I started to think how scary it is for many of the mentally ill I’ve worked with or know.

There were examples, of parents that cared for those living with bipolar, schizophrenia, addictions, depression or other mental conditions. Where would they be as these parents become too old to support them? Do they not have a way to provide for themselves even with many having uncommon levels of genius? How would medication compliant members of support groups not have work that paid them enough to live a life that felt comfortable?

I began to open my startup to new ideas. We’ve shifted over the years but stayed true to my overall idea. It is to create a business and brand that fully finds ways to support those also living with a mental illness. The 800 YouTube videos have shared knowledge in many countries. The website you are reading has had people from places in over 500 countries and areas globally interested in these topics.

I’ve decided to allow anyone to personally contact us for independent contractor opportunities. We’re not able to pay upfront due to a lack of venture or angel investing. I thought of giving those who reach out an opportunity to be mentored by me to find ways to drive revenue into I thought of how Uber drivers (and Lyft) have some of the money they generate with their cars. My idea, is to give anyone helping 50 percent of what they derive in revenue.

They are able to bring sponsored ads on this site from books about these topics, schools, special needs camps, health companies, medical practices, therapists, coaches, job boards or anything they feel may be interested. I interview the advertiser in a sponsored post and bring them viewers globally. We can target their local or international area with our search engine placements that are often number one on Google and Bing.

I allow, those helping to reach out to companies for a consulting service and trainings offered to businesses of all sizes. I’m proud to have personally spent the last few years calling and emailing myself. I’ve had responses from the CEO’s of Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, Maggiano’s, Intel and many more.

The trainings allow teams at work to understand depression and bipolar based on educational talks created. I do virtual discussions based on the prerecorded training. I also, share about maintaining calm at work during stressful changes. This is based on my book about helping a worker during her final days at Lehman Brothers. Their company was collapsing, but together we found a way to help maintain sanity in her life, family and career. She ended up surviving, and becoming a Vice President of another large company.

The final part of the opportunity is to bring clients that want to work directly with me privately for coaching. I help families, children, adults and couples. I’ve been assisting with those around the world.

I share 50 percent of the monies brought in from any of these activities. I’ve learned you would have the ability to use your gifts to find, reach out to and bring in business. The half concept allows you to thrive if able to actually accomplish these goals. The idea is to find those that are able and deserve a bright future achieving their own way. It would allow you to work wherever you are and help. We are open to clients globally so there is no way to limit the possibilities.

The next step, is to email and briefly share your background and information. I will, personally respond to your email as long as it arrives. I wish us all a bright future for 2020 and beyond. We need mentally ill (and all people) to have the ability to know how valuable they are at building the businesses of tomorrow and today. The email is my personal one at

Thank you,

Blake LeVine, MSW

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