Bipolar Body Building

group of woman wearing bikini on body of water
Photo by bruce mars on

When living with bipolar, many of us create better energy with body building. We learn, the exertion of emotions is soothed and relieved with physical workouts. There are days, we have sadness, anger or confusion. The regular exercise changes how we look, feel and is frequently our fun.

There are times of looking for balance to believe in our dreams again. We may struggle with parenting, career stress, anxiety, financial issues or self doubt. The medications may have some success but we cannot fall into giving up, on taking care of our muscles and bones.

I’ve met many with bipolar, that had incredible abilities to play major league baseball, tennis, football, Lacrosse, or become ballerinas. There were some hospitalized that felt that they failed in their goals and sports. It took time to create a cool way to handle all the pain of past loss.

We work day in and out to stay strong and remove ideas of bipolar taking away what we shall become. The strength in our bodies allow those to remember we cannot be defeated. Our goal is often, to be strong, supported and stable.


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