Addictions, Bipolar, Depression, Music Therapy

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Do you believe, music has the power to create positive change? Is it possible, that the songs we listen to program our minds and bodies? How would we, create a better life while understanding the healing properties of song, dance and art?

These important topics, were explored in a groundbreaking documentary film. The inventor of Rap Therapy, is the founder of this website. He created in graduate school, a tool to understand diverse youth. The project, spent many years trying to be released in theaters as a narrative film. We were then able, to have a documentary completed with The Salvation Army. They were kind enough to allow their foster care children, to participate.

The film, has been released in a free version currently. We are exploring finding a way to help this spread to more schools, families and a global audience. Our founder, asked Madonna to participate in releasing this version several years ago. He spoke with her manager’s office. Madonna, is a life changing performer, that could share these lessons with her incredible fans. We are not sure if that will happen yet. Many legendary and gifted rap artists, took the time to speak about rap as a therapy. They dedicated their lives, to sharing their art form. The common theme, was it allowed them to survive. We proudly share below, the feature documentary in its current form.

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