Bipolar Business

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I’ve been honored to coach many corporate clients over the years. I recently, reached out to the CEO’s of HJ Heinz, Apple, Amazon, Marriott International, Yankee Candle, Kellogg, and several major companies. I created a corporate strategic plan, to assist these global brands. I teach how to handle bipolar cycles in business. It includes, trying to determine daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. It is a way to succeed when variables are up and down. We’ve all seen how our economy and world shifts at a high rate of speed.

I created this incredible audio and visual. It discusses the consulting service we now offer. It is the companies that have advantages, that find a way to grow. The presentation is available at:

I’m proud to have been able to talk to CEO’s of Dairy Queen, Atlas Van Lines, Eli Lilly, Carnival Cruise Lines, Wyndham Hotels and many others. I see no business, as small or unimportant. I handle new accounts, and help them win in all of their goals. The tools and techniques created, are a breakthrough in improving corporate culture.

We’re happy for you to call our office at (213) 304-9555. I’ll allow you to reach out to my personal email at If you’ve been referred through a sales channel, please discuss working with

Our education has reached those in over 450 countries and areas around the world. The topics of bipolar and depression impact all of our lives. The companies, that have support bracing for the future, may still be here tomorrow.


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