Bipolar Business

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I’ve been honored to coach many corporate clients over the years. I recently, reached out to the CEO’s of HJ Heinz, Marriott International, Yankee Candle, Kellogg, and several major companies. I created a corporate strategic plan to assist companies learn about bipolar cycles at businesses. It includes trying to determine daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly a way to succeed when variables are up and down.

I have this audio cd to share the presentation. It is at:

I encourage your company or yourself to consider bringing us on to help. I’m happy to have been able to talk to CEO’s of Dairy Queen, Atlas Van Lines, Eli Lilly, Carnival Cruise Lines, Wyndham Hotels and many more. I see no business, as small or unimportant. I handle new accounts, and help them win in all aspects of their goals. I do the same, for one on one clients when I am able.

We’re happy for you to call our office at (213) 304-9555. I’ll allow you to reach out to my personal email at If you’ve been referred through a sales channel, that person will prepare the best rate for you working with




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