Bipolar Lifting Yourself Up After Failure

beautiful boat daylight foggy

There is a part of bipolar that takes tenacity and faith. It is often learning how to pick yourself up after failing. The failure may be in your marriage, business, job, friendships or emotions. There are times that it can be hard to do almost anything.

I know that faith in a higher power often gives us something to hold onto during dark times. This is in contrast to addictions and other vices that may never help us change. It is easier to not face your problems then to have the courage to change.

I work as a coach to help support those with bipolar or depression. I’ve learned that having someone in your corner may be the difference between seeing success or not surviving.

I am happy to share about the coaching I offer. There is a fee but it is worth it. You can call or text my office at (213) 304-9555. I can be emailed at


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