Mariah Carey Bipolar and Writing A Book

woman-mariah-carey-singer-entertainer-65702.jpegI have had the honor to meet Mariah Carey several times. They include being one of many outside of her wedding to Tommy Mottola in Manhattan near Central Park. I had a great meeting with her at a special party after the Grammy Awards. The room of about 40 included Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Mariah and several others. She was very nice and signed a couple of pictures for me. I also met her when she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

I learned today that Mariah has opened up about facing bipolar disorder. The report in The New York Post says she was diagnosed in 2001. It also said she takes medication. This is not shocking as there have been stories of her being in Silver Hill Mental Hospital many years ago.

This does not take anything away from one of the greatest musical legends of our time. She has a voice that makes all of her fans smile. We are sad that other greats including Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are no longer here. I pray Mariah continues on a positive path of being a mother and performer.

We will gladly anticipate the release of her book. I am sure there will also be music coming out to bring joy to our ears. The light of someone such as Mariah Carey cannot be dimmed by bipolar or challenges. I hope her story provides encouragement for the rest of us living with these mental health concerns.


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