Bipolar Happiness or Sadness?

pexels-photo-573238.jpegThere are times where we don’t know if we are happy or sad. Do we focus on what is going well, or remember the problems we are experiencing? I have learned living with bipolar that our minds sometimes shifts. We may feel peaceful for a short time when a negative thought brings us back down.

It is helpful to understand how your own mind works. Do you vacillate between ups and downs? Do you struggle to keep motivated with your work? Is it hard to build yourself up, only to feel knocked down a short time later?

There are many who ponder life. What is our purpose and why is it shockingly hard to be here? Why can’t we find all the success and happiness we always desire? There is no explanation that clearly answers the above.

The smartest minds often have the hardest times with their moods. Many of the geniuses over analyze everything. It is possible to find greatness in a career, but still face huge problems in their lives. The practice of surrendering all has helped made my life easier. It is during the toughest times I ask a higher power to allow me to surrender. I stop trying to hold the wheel and remove the need to pressure myself. It works out better than the alternative of stressing out over situations that may never change.

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