How A Simple Smile May Save A Life

pexels-photo-986947.jpegI’ve talked to many that live with a mental illness. There have been questions about what gives us the courage to keep going during the times of facing obstacles. I thought today how simple smiles may save lives.

I love Toys R Us and it has been part of my life since I was a kid. I began to take my daughter Tyler to the store every Friday. It was our way of celebrating a successful school week. I would later share these fun journeys with my son Ryan. He would light up with positive energy as he roamed the aisles of the shop.

I began to feel today what his simple smile allows me to feel. It takes away the heavy coat of sadness felt from the loss of my brother to a heroin overdose; it allows me to feel calm even though I am moving in about 6 weeks; I feel less upset that I’ve been depressed lately.

I find that children and their happiness can remind us of what we used to be. Many of us would smile and laugh all the time. We would feel peaceful and enjoy the most basic experiences. It is common for adults to have a long list of issues.

I hope you take the time today to find anything to laugh or smile about. It may be seeing someone having a joyful time. It could be watching an online talk that inspires or uplifts you. The value may be that something simple helps saves your life.

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