Removing Fears When Living With Bipolar Disorder

womanWhen you are feeling fearful, it is easy to be overwhelmed. If you face a mental health condition it is even more important to stay calm. I want to share three simple tips to lessen stress and help with anxiety.

If you are dealing with a financial, family, relationship or work problem you are not alone. The first step, is to find support to help you manage the issues you are experiencing. This means finding a therapist, psychiatrist, coach or someone willing to help you handle the situation.

The second step is to slow down. Many of my clients become consumed by their fears. I encourage them to take a hot bath, listen to soothing music, do yoga or take a walk. These activities help us to let go and relax.

The third step is to find something to be grateful for today. I am happy that I am married, have two children and a home to live in. There is always something in your life to feel positive about. You may find that remembering the joys in life allows us to not feel as scared about our issues.

Please know that facing a mental illness is hard. If your anxiety is very high it is vital to seek help. There is no shame in seeking assistance. It is often those willing to face their problems that end up creating a better outcome.

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