Achieving Small Wins With Your Health

football.jpgThere was a motivational speaker talking about celebrating small moments of success. They shared about a football player who always dreamed of winning the Superbowl. It was their fantasy to capture this title and receive the highest level of accomplishment in their sport.

The problem happened after the athlete did win the big game. They said that it felt less special and important than they thought it would. This is why we cannot live for one goal or reaching the mountaintop. It is more important to celebrate the simple joys and more basic achievements.

If you face a mental health condition, there are many daily ways to move forward. When you seek treatment, this is a step in the right direction. If you sleep well, eat nourishing foods and stay positive you are creating change. When you stay connected with friends and family, it develops healing.

We may find more happiness celebrating these basic ways of feeling thankful. You don’t have to wait until you reach the pinnacle of success. The steps all along the way are often just as important as the dream or goal you work towards. You can take a moment today to be appreciative of how much progress you continue to see in your life. It is no small feat that you have made it this far. You are valuable, unique, and please continue to allow your light to shine.

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