3 Daily Steps To Remain Optimistic

wpid-wp-1441302976591.jpegWe have the opportunity to make the best of each new day. These three simple steps may help you develop more optimism. The first is to find a reason to be grateful. It may be having the basics such as food, shelter and clean water to drink. If you have a family or friends, you may feel thankful they are in your life.

The second step is to find a way to be productive. Even if you do not have a job, you may spend time gaining knowledge. The internet brings access to all types of educational lessons, articles and videos. When you spend a few minutes learning , you are growing and making positive change.

The third step is to practice letting go of anger. You may have faced something that led to a feeling of disappointment. When you hold on to the problem, it only grows. The key is to be willing to accept that it happened but to know you don’t have to spend all of your energy focusing on it. When we let go, it often opens us up to something new.

With these simple actions, you can help improve your emotions. I have found that many years of basic changes lead to a better way of responding to problems. I admit that when something goes wrong I usually feel frustrated. I have learned that in that moment I can stop and find a different response. This helps to limit the impact and teaches me to find more optimism.

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