Changing Is A Choice

wallWhen you are struggling there are many choices to make. I was working with a client who felt sad, withdrawn and disconnected. We worked for many weeks and began to make a plan for different choices. This included eating healthier, working out and having the courage to meet others.

I told him that he would have a decision to make. He had the right advice, but they are only words. It was his choice to have the courage to actually live the lessons he was learning. It took time, but he took action. This led to better relationships, a more joyful mood and a higher self esteem.

How often do we have a positive idea but then do not follow through? This often comes out in excuses or justifications for a negative choice. “It is too cold to work out today. I am too tired to do my work. I don’t feel like eating well today. Maybe I will tomorrow”.

The problem with excuses is they become patterns. We can break past this by having the courage to take action today. Are there three or four positive steps you can take today? You can write them down and put a check by each one you accomplish. I find that even a few small steps in the right direction daily, lead to major positive progress. Many times turning around our lives start with simple decisions made consistently over long periods of time..

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