Reaching Your Potential With Depression

bookbYou have the potential to reach your goals. It may seem that being depressed has held you back from achieving and reaching the level you have hoped for. It is within your abilities to slowly and steadily grow stronger.

In my own life, there were times that felt hopeless and I wondered if mental illness would stop me from reaching my dreams. I am proud to say persistence has led me through many obstacles. I have been able to be married for ten years to my beautiful wife. I have written five published books and educate all over the world. I have had the honor of coaching others who struggle to move past their problems.

I never would have imagined all of this would have been possible after being hospitalized and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If I could recover, then so can you. You are smart, talented, gifted, creative and have unique talents. You are going to move past the problems and build your own goals. The future for you is bright and you can keep growing, enduring and reaching your full potential.


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