Holistic Running To Improve Depression and Bipolar Disorder

snow-fall-park-1920x1200The winter has arrived, and many of us are in cold climates. How common is it to use this time to fall back into poor eating habits and stop intense workouts? It is true that it may be harder to be outside if the temperature has fallen to a level that makes it dangerous to be outdoors for extended periods. You may find creative ways to stay healthy.

I live in a warm climate, but the last two weeks have been filled with extreme rain. The first few days, I began to use excuses to stop my workouts. I told myself “It is gross outside and I cannot go and do the hikes I usually enjoy”. I then started to eat more breads, fattening foods and felt down. I remembered that this is a pattern I have often felt when the winter arrives.

There was a day last week when I said this had to stop. I began to do an indoor workout while my son was sleeping. I did hundreds of kicks, punches, push ups, squats, curls and stretching. The feeling of sweating and release was refreshing. I found my mood improved and my energy increased.

This weekend my wife was off from her job to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. We woke up and went to a local area with a mountain. We walked and jogged while passing a cool model airplane field. My wife pushed me and we did five sets of running up a high mountain. We both felt happier and this time together helped us emotionally connect.

You may be feeling down today. It is possible the cold winter is making you feel lazy. What would happen if you do something physical today? I know this is a small step in a positive direction.

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