Kindness Is A Gift We All Enjoy


The holidays are approaching and it may feel overwhelming to pick the perfect gift for loved ones. I know some are struggling financially and worry if they can afford something nice for those they care about. In the spirit of the season, there is one gift that may be more valuable than material possessions.

When you are warm and kind towards others you are sharing life. We all need to feel appreciated and supported. When you hold the door for a stranger, it tells them you care enough to offer assistance. I know listening to a homeless person may mean the difference between them feeling isolated or having hope. It is possible that even a simple gesture may make a major difference in the life of another person.

I was in Walmart yesterday when my son threw a fit. I was holding him while trying to patiently wait my turn to pay. He was flailing but I stayed calm and peaceful. When the ten minutes of waiting was finished, an older couple was standing near where I paid. They smiled at me and said what a calm father I am. Even this small compliment made me feel appreciated and helped me remember how blessed I am to be a father. You never know what someone has been going through. When you are kind, you may have the power to help them. This is a gift we can all share with each other at no cost at all.

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