Being Open To Changes

IMG_0522Many times in my life, I thought I knew exactly where I was going. I would try so hard to achieve a goal only to find out that it didn’t work out. I was listening to Eat, Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert do a talk online this week.

She spoke how for many years her advice was to reach for your dream and keep going until you accomplish it. Elizabeth spoke how there are some people who know exactly what they want in life and then become this goal. There was a person listening to one of her talks who found this troubling. She said that she had tried many times and has failed often.

It then came to Elizabeth Gilbert to think about one of her best friends. The friend had 10 different careers including being a hair stylist, musician and several other types of work. She ended becoming a New York City realtor and has done well. Elizabeth learned from her that sometimes the path for a person may be filled with all types of different experiences.

I find that being open to learning new ideas are potentials are very important. I am taking a test to learn a new skill over the next few weeks. I will do my best to write but will also spend this time to enjoy the holidays with my family. I know that life is so special and when you are able to adapt you can press forward. I want to share the talk I heard and think it is filled with lots of valuable lessons.

You may find it on:

Elizabeth Gilbert: Flight of the Hummingbird – The Curiosity Driven Life




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