How Each Response Impacts Depression and Bipolar Disorder

There are moments that we feel joyous and excited. This includes winning a sports game, having a child, getting married or achieving a goal. What happens to us when we find out something that is sad or upsetting? This weekend I was upset to hear about the tragedy in Paris. It is easy to feel scared and nervous when these incidents occur.

wpid-wp-1423870383166.jpgI want to share about how handling even small problems can throw us into anger or sadness.  I was spending my morning caring for my son. We went to our local park and connected with our new friends who also watch their kids during the day. I was hoping to do some work on my new book and this blog when my son fell asleep.

He wasn’t very tired and he finally went for his nap. I have maybe one hour before I must leave to pick my daughter up. I was finally able to go work and do some writing. When I walked into my room, the shelf broke and all of my clothes fell on the floor. Should I choose to be frustrated or is there a better way to respond?

This moment took my by surprise but I made a strong choice. I would not let it ruin my day. I put on an educational talk and spent an hour cleaning the room. I now have everything neat and ready to be put back when the landlord comes to fix the shelving. I even had a few minutes to write this blog before I get my daughter.

How often do we let little problems take away our peace? We let something small make us so upset that we forget about the positives in our lives. It takes a great amount of effort but you can decide how you respond. I am learning that being happy is something we are partially responsible for. Even when you live with bipolar disorder or depression, you are capable of learning to improve your outlook.

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