Depression And Releasing The Past

wallThis morning, I was listening to an audio by Louise Hay. One of her lessons is about letting go of our past. She teaches that when we forgive others and let go of the past, we are able to heal. This is why sadness sometimes holds us back and makes us believe certain people are the cause of our pain. There is some truth that we may have been hurt by another, but it is our choice to decide how to handle these emotions.

I grew up with many situations I felt hurt and upset about. I began to learn in therapy that forgiving others would help me become stronger. I was shocked to find that letting go of the past has helped to make a brighter future. I now know that even a mistake should be forgiven. We cannot change what has happened in the past, but we are able to decide how to live this moment.

Many with depression are remembering how they have been hurt, lost a loved one, failed in a career, are alone or hurting about problems that have entered their lives. I believe in addressing our problems, but we do not have to soak in our pain. This means learning to remember what is working. This may include gratitude for having a home, food, family or freedom. You may feel joy knowing how much you have been through, but you are still here in this moment. You survived and may be able to make positive progress. You are able to decide right now to find something that makes you feel joy. It may be as simple as the clothes you are wearing, the sight your eyes allow you to see or even the air we are able to breath. Please know you are a beautiful human being and are perfect exactly as you are.

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