Depression And Learning To Find Motivation

IMG_0438How do you find motivation when you struggle with depression? One of the most important tips is to set achievable goals and have accountability. I have seen clients make lofty and sometimes unrealistic lists of what they hope to accomplish. This may lead to feeling sad and giving up on the positive progress.

I suggest finding a few ways to take steps in the right direction. You may even include activities you already do. This is an example of a goal list for one week made by a coaching client: take a walk three out of seven days; brush her teeth and comb her hair every morning; read and listen to one book and a motivational video; take time to call at least two friends or family members over a seven day period.

These may appear basic for some of us and extremely hard for others. The key is to recognize your own current mental status and set goals that are in line with where you currently are. If you have not been able to leave your bed for a week, it might be helpful to go in your backyard for ten minutes. Even a small step in the right direction has the possibility to help build our confidence.

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