How Kindness And Warmth Helps Depression

heartI moved this week to a new home in Cooper City, Florida. I am learning how kindness and warmth makes a major impact when dealing with depression. I always teach clients to connect with others and to be friendly. This helps to feel more comfortable, confident and connected.

During my first week in my new town, I have found how kindness has been helping me stay calm. In a few days, I have met nice parents at my neighborhood park. I had a wonderful discussion with a barber who gave me a much needed haircut. I shared a smile at my new Walmart with the woman working the register.

It is these small moments that make a positive impact. I have moved several times in my life, and have found that when you are nice to others they usually respond in a friendly manner. When I am outgoing but someone is rude, I make a choice to walk away and not engage with them. I know sometimes there is a person having a hard day or struggling through their own issues. If they want to be left alone, I respect their wishes.

When you are depressed, you may find it tough to be around others. I believe even one or two simple activities are a great way to connect. This may mean being kind to the receptionist at your therapists office. It could be thanking the mail person for delivering your mail. You may be nice to someone who serves you food or helps you pay for your groceries. Even a simple interaction, may bring light into your life.

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