How Depression Has The Power To Develop Our Abilities

wpid-20140813_182920.jpgDoes anyone want to be depressed? It is hard to be struggling and most of us want our mood to be joyful. Did you ever think that your depression has the potential to develop your abilities?

Here are a few reasons depression teaches us and makes us stronger. It gives us a reason to celebrate the successes and accomplishments that happen in our lives. It also helps us develop persistence and to fight against negativity. The other piece of depression is it makes us fight and press through our pain.

I used to be so sad that I live with a mental illness. I was hoping it could disappear and it would be a short piece of my life. This changed to put me through some of the most intense lessons I ever experienced. I began to find a courage I never knew existed in my mind.

Over many years, I have become a better husband, friend, writer and coach from the hardest battles I have went through. I continue to try each day to press forward and sometimes it is a rough journey. I remember that the depression and bipolar has made me a stronger human being. I now know that working through the pain has helped bring the light into my life.

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