Dedication And Dealing With Depression

wpid-wp-1413382254468.jpgMany times I have done coaching for clients and have seen great results. I began to wonder the common reason some achieve their goals and others struggle to move forward. The answer is it is usually the amount of dedication the client has. There is a common link between being focused on a goal and actually achieving the desired outcome.

When an athlete is working to become a professional, they spend years being highly dedicated to their dream. I have also watched many friends in the arts spend a long time building and growing their craft. Many see them in the big leagues and think they were lucky. This rarely is the truth but it is more glamorous to think someone was found on a corner and became a legend.

Our mental health does not seem as important as being a big time success. You don’t hear of people saying “One day I am going to be an ultra healthy person mentally”. I have found that it is worth more than anything to be well in your mind and body. The reason for this, is that everything that happens to us is impacted by our mood. The most depressed person will find no joy in even amazing experiences. On the reverse someone who is mentally strong can find joy in even the darkest of situations.

The clear lesson I have learned is to take care of your mind. You can find a therapist, ways to remove stress, build connection and be more hopeful. When you invest your energy in these activities, you are preparing for a brighter future. You may one day find that all of the efforts help you to achieve more than you thought possible. This is why persistence, passion and a positive outlook are the recipe for joyful living.

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