One Moment At A Time With Mental Illness

Many times, we are searching for the solution to our problems. We may put our hopes in a job, goal or relationship. With a health condition, you may be waiting for the moment it all turns around.

I have learned that success with mental illness is a lifetime of small moments. It means admitting when you are struggling and seeking help. It also helps to appreciate what is working and not focus on your faults.


There are many days I have a reason to be upset. I have learned over my life that even the hardest situations can be dealt with slowly. I do my best to find a reason to be appreciative.

I wish you a wonderful Halloween weekend. I hope this is a time you have fun and let your inner child out to play. I will be getting my costume today and taking my kids to trick or treat. It is those small moments of joy that allow me to remember how wonderful life is.

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