Handling A Move With Bipolar Disorder and Depression

waltI have moved several times and learned some tips for dealing with change. The first, is to go slowly and pace yourself. This means not attempting to do everything at once. You may also ask for help and support. This includes talking to your family and properly planning.

When you move to a  area, you may find a club or activity to meet new people. There is a directory of local support groups on the website of both The National Alliance on Mental Illness and http://www.nami.org  and The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance at http://www.dbsalliance.org. You are able to find a free group in many communities to help you meet others that live with these conditions.

It is also helpful to know that even those without mental illness struggle to adapt after a move. This allows you to know that if it feels uncomfortable at first it is normal. I find that it takes me a few weeks to begin to be calm and adjusted to a new place. You may also reach out to a local therapist to find support in your new area.

These simple steps may help you handle the adjustment and be ready to live in a new community. If you are still struggling before or after a move it is worth it to seek help. There is no shame in admitting that it is difficult to adjust to a different area.

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