How Reading Leads To Knowledge With Mental Illness

CarnegieLibraryWhen I was first diagnosed with a mental illness, my mom became an active reader. She found as many books about bipolar disorder as possible. It was her goal to become aware and to help my situation. When she started to read, it became easier to understand the best steps forward. This allowed her to have less fear and understand how to pick the right treatment team.

Many times, I am called by a parent who is scared after their child has been diagnosed with a mental illness. They don’t know what to expect and often times, they know very little about what to do. I always encourage them to read and become educated.

Since many libraries are free to use, there is no reason not to expand your knowledge. If you live with a health condition, you may enjoy learning how it works. There is great information online, but many books give a thorough understanding of complex conditions.

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