Understanding Your Value With Mental Health

wpid-wp-1445721775759.jpegI remember many years ago trying to determine my value. Did this include my accomplishments, financial success, or accolades? I began to understand that my purpose is helping others. I also spend a great amount of time raising my children. I know that these are two of the most valuable ways we can impact our world.

When a depressed parent comes to me for help I often teach how special they are. I remind them that they have brought children in this world and are often doing their best to help them thrive. It is not always easy to have kids and mental health problems but I see many pressing forward. They keep their heads up and work extremely hard to handle their family life.

It is also clear that some of us think material possessions provide for our needs. I would honestly admit I would give everything I ever owned to see my children safe and healthy. I believe most parents would agree that their kids are more valuable than anything. It is for this reason you should take a moment to feel grateful. If you have a family, please know how hard you work to keep it strong. You may not hear thank you everyday but you are appreciated.

I share this wonderful picture from earlier today. I took my wife and two children to a peaceful nature park in Florida. We did some stretching, meditation and connecting. I love seeing my kids in nature and their beautiful bond. This tells me I am doing something right and reminds me how blessed I am.

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