You Are Close To A Victory

IMG_0025Many times in life we are trying to reach our goals. This includes becoming healthy, achieving career success and overcoming loss. How often do we try something when a problem makes us feel small? I have learned that on the way to accomplishment there are often obstacles. It is up to you to keep moving forward and knowing that you will achieve your victory. This includes learning to build your self esteem after someone doubts your potential.

When you face a mental illness, you may feel defeated. If you will seek help and press forward, you can make positive choices. This allows you to grow and become stronger. You can then reach for your goals and have the persistence to keep on your path.

We all have areas in life we can see success. This may be making new friends and connecting more with others. For many, it is to get back to work and have the courage to keep going in your career. You may be willing to overcome an addiction and seek help to make lasting change. Please know you can do it and you are always supported and loved.

The picture above is from my work last year sponsoring a walk that raised over $200,000 for The National Alliance on Mental Illness in South Florida. I was honored to walk, raise money and donate 200 copies of my book to others facing mental illness in my local community. This reminds me how we can come together to help others and reach our goals.

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