How Optimism Impacts Depression

womanI am reading the book Find The Good: Unexpected Life Lessons From A Small Town Obituary Writer by Heather Lende. In this optimistic book, it shares how the author worked to write obituaries. She would always find a way to be positive and share a great lesson from each person she wrote about.

My mother used to say if you are given lemons why not make lemonade. In my life, I always try to follow that simple strategy. When a problem occurs why not find something happy to think about.

A few examples are when you are sad, you thank God you were given another day. When an error occurs instead of becoming frustrated, you take a deep breath and try to fix the problem. Even during a loss of a loved one, you can find the silver lining.

When my own brother died from addiction, it would have been easy to be depressed. I chose to spend the time of his passing helping other young men with mental illness and heroin addiction. I wrote a book about this time, and found strength in a higher power.

I admit dealing with depression is very hard. When you seek treatment and have courage to face your issues, you are becoming stronger. I will always remember my mother’s lesson and focus on what is working in my life.

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