Depression And Trying Your Hardest

sunI have helped others who live with depression and they often are so hard on themselves. They try to handle their emotions and be warm to those they love. Each morning, they wake up and try to make it through another day. They are sometimes hurting so much that going out of the house, calling a friend or taking a shower is extremely difficult.

There are some choice words I share with them. You are a powerful and amazing person for seeking help. You have not given up and this means more than anything. It is possible that for as much as you struggle, one day light may beam bright in your life. Please hold on to hope because this is the main weapon you have in the war on depression.

I often see the real battle they are facing. I understand, because I have faced this too and try my hardest to handle life. I continue to learn that we can do our best each day and none of us is perfect. When we accept that life is hard, in a way it becomes easier. We learn that the problems we face are not always our own fault.

Please know today that you are a gift to our world. Even if you are in a depressed state we need you. The biggest part of life is connection. Each of us are a piece of each other. When we make it through the difficult moments it creates a sense of possibility. It may feel hard, but sometimes those darkest moments are our greatest teachers. They show us just how special the bright days and experiences are. We must celebrate those and never forget what we went through.

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