Learning With Depression

wpid-wp-1444154334851.jpegI share this photograph with my young son. He is turning two on Friday and I love watching him learn. Ryan is beginning to say his first words, interact with children and discover his world.

When you face depression you must always be open to learning. How do you do this when you have faced so many disappointments and struggles? The answer is it is very hard.

I am often presenting books and projects to large companies. I used to become sad when an answer did not go my way. I have learned over many years that struggle is a part of success.

During the hard days, I focus on the positive achievements. I remember how bad it is being in the mental hospital. How blessed am I to have two beautiful children, a wife and to impact others through their issues?

I remember what a leading inspirational speaker said during one of his talks. You may have been through some amazing battles, but the best of your days are in front of you.

I know that we must be open about our problems. We should seek help and not battle our demons alone. It is vital to accept that if you work through the issues, they have the potential to become resolved.

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